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 Archived News Articles

The links below will take you to Google Doc folders that contain archived articles with Forest Lake FFAers who have been "In the News."  Click on the year below for articles from that time period.


 FFA In the News

 TitleModified DateSize 
Watershed District Spruced Up by Local Student (Forest Lake Lowdown - 6-9-2017)6/12/20171.09 MBDownload
Sowing the Seeds (Forest Lake Times - 6-8-2017)6/12/2017166.26 KBDownload
Forest Lake ag department hosts open house (Forest Lake Lowdown - 5-12-17)5/19/2017257.10 KBDownload
Local FFA officers return from South Africa (Forest Lake Times - 4-27-17)5/19/2017620.74 KBDownload
Region 4 Discussion Meet (Voice of Agriculture - March 2017)5/19/2017782.03 KBDownload
Local FFA Members Receive Awards (The Lowdown - 3-31-17)4/4/20172.22 MBDownload
Local FFA Members Receive Awards (Forest Lake Times - 3-30-17)4/4/20174.84 MBDownload
Banquet Announcement (Forest Lake Times - 3-23-17)4/4/2017981.10 KBDownload
Forest Lake FFA Celebrates National FFA Week (Forest Lake Times - 3-16-17)4/4/20178.26 MBDownload
FFA Honors (Forest Lake Times - 2-23-17)4/4/2017899.19 KBDownload
Forest Lake FFA Recognized at the National FFA Convention (Forest Lake Times - 12-8-16)12/13/20161.07 MBDownload
Letter to the Editor - Great Event (Forest Lake Times - 11-24-2016)11/30/2016630.60 KBDownload
Minnesota FFA has outstanding year at national convention (MN Farm Guide - 10-25-16)10/27/201695.99 KBDownload
Forest Lake High School students attend WE Day at the Xcel (Forest Lake Times - 10-18-16)10/27/2016755.27 KBDownload
Connecting Students & Environment (St. Croix Valley Peach - 10-9-2016)10/11/2016345.78 KBDownload
High schoolers get hands-on with water conservation (Lowdown - 10-7-16)10/7/2016619.71 KBDownload
Wastershed District hires program assistant (Forest Lake Times - 10-6-16)10/7/20161.16 MBDownload
Forest Lake Area High School's FFA Named Grand Champion at the MN State Fair (Forest Lake Times - 9-1-16)9/7/2016233.74 KBDownload



 TitleModified DateSize 
Stafford Advances to Final Round of State Discussion Meet (Forest Lake Times - 5-5-2016)5/13/2016907.65 KBDownload
Forest Lake Area High School's FFA Named One of Minnesota's Best (The Lowdown - 5-13-2016)5/13/20161.17 MBDownload
Forest Lake Area High School's FFA Named One of Minnesota's Best (Forest Lake Times - 5-12-2016)5/13/2016854.36 KBDownload
MN FFA Celebrates Together (AgriNews - 5-5-2016)5/13/2016288.94 KBDownload
Miron Presented National Excellence in Agriculture Award (MNFB Voice - May 2016)5/13/2016362.11 KBDownload
Hugo Resident Presented with National Award (The Lowdown - 4-22-16)4/22/2016856.95 KBDownload
National Honor, Local Reward (Forest Lake Times - 4-14-16)4/22/20161.19 MBDownload
Miron Wins National Excellence in Ag (MNFB Voice - March 2016)4/22/2016482.79 KBDownload
FFA Banquet Announcement (Forest Lake Times - 2-25-16)3/9/2016460.83 KBDownload
Forest Lake FFA Built for Leaders (St. Croix Valley Peach - 2-21-16)3/9/2016629.91 KBDownload
Forest Lake FFA Built for Leaders (Forest Lake Times Online - 2-22-16)3/9/2016104.62 KBDownload
Local agriculture teacher wins new truck (The Citizen - 1-21-16)1/25/2016345.71 KBDownload
Ag teacher honored for agricutlural excellence (Forest Lake Times - 1-21-16)1/25/20161.00 MBDownload
High school leaders assist local families (Forest Lake Times - 1-14-16)1/21/2016693.13 KBDownload
Young Farmer & Rancher Awards (Voice of Agriculture - January 2016)1/21/2016213.14 KBDownload
Miron Receives Excellence Award (The Citizen - 12-10-15)1/21/2016624.67 KBDownload
National Champs (Forest Lake Times - 12-10-15)12/14/2015286.35 KBDownload
Forest Lake FFA recognized at National Convention (Country Messenger - 12-2-15)12/14/2015770.43 KBDownload
Our Favorite Captions (The Peach - 11-29-15)12/14/20151.16 MBDownload
The 11th Celebration on the 11th Day (The Lowdown - 11-20-15)12/14/2015236.05 KBDownload
Veterans Honored at High School (Forest Lake Times - 11-19-15)12/14/2015429.90 KBDownload
American Degree Recipients (AgriNews - 11-12-15)12/14/2015284.74 KBDownload
Minnesota, Iowa FFA chapter earn awards (AgriNews - 11-5-15)12/14/2015337.97 KBDownload
FFA National Champions (The Lowdown - 11-13-15)11/17/2015188.93 KBDownload
Forest Lake FFA Members Recognized as National Champions (Forest Lake Times - 11-12-15)11/17/2015285.18 KBDownload
FFA Members National Champs (The Citizen - 11-12-15)11/17/2015494.53 KBDownload
Seeing Double (Forest Lake Times - 11-5-15)11/9/2015308.61 KBDownload
Forest Lake FFA Members to Compete Nationally (Forest Lake Times - 10-22-15)11/6/2015849.16 KBDownload
Forest Lake FFA to Hold Annual Horse Show (Forest Lake Times - 10-8-2015)11/6/2015530.35 KBDownload
Forest Lake FFA Students Take Honors at State Fair (School Connections - October 2015)10/12/2015386.15 KBDownload
Forest Lake FFA honored for landscape design (The Forest Lake Times - 9-21-15)10/6/2015223.62 KBDownload


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