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 Our Chapter Officers

 2018-2019 Forest Lake FFA Officer Team!
Callie Johnson
  • Preside over meetings according to accepted rules of parliamentary procedure.
  • Appoint committees and serve on them as an ex-officio (non-voting) member.
  • Coordinate the activities of the chapter and evaluate the progress of each division of the Program of Activities.
  • Represent the chapter in public relations and official functions.
McKenna Nelson
Vice President
  • Assume all duties of the president if necessary.
  • Develop the Program of Activities and serve as an ex-officio (non voting) member of the POA committees.
  • Coordinate all committee work.
  • Work closely with the president and advisor to assess progress toward meeting chapter goals.
  • Establish and maintain a chapter resource file.
Kalley Tietje
  • Prepare and post the agenda for each chapter meeting.
  • Prepare and present the minutes of each chapter meeting.
  • Place all committee reports in the designated area in the FFA Chapter Books.
  • Be responsible for chapter correspondence. Maintain member attendance and activity records and issue membership cards.
  • Keep the Program of Activities wall chart up-to-date.
  • Have on hand for each meeting: Official FFA Chapter Secretary's Book including minutes of the previous meeting.
Abby Youngman
  • Receive, record and deposit FFA funds and issue receipts.
  • Present monthly treasurer's reports at chapter meetings.
  • Collect dues and special assessments.
  • Maintain a neat and accurate FFA Chapter Handbook.
  • Prepare and submit the membership roster and dues to the National FFA Organization in cooperation with the secretary.
  • Serve as chairperson of the earnings and savings committee.
Sydney Parker
  • Plan public information programs with local radio, television, newspaper and service clubs and make use of other opportunities to tell the FFA story.
  • Release news and information to local and regional news media.
  • Publish a chapter newsletter.Prepare and maintain a chapter scrapbook.Send local stories to area, district and state reporters.
  • Send articles and photographs to FFA New Horizons and other national and/or regional publications.
  • Work with local media on radio and television
Ben Desrosier
  • Assist the president in maintaining order.
  • Keep the meeting room, chapter equipment and supplies in proper condition.
  • Welcome guests and visitors.Keep the meeting room comfortable.
  • Take charge of candidates for degree ceremonies. Assist with special features and refreshments
Rebecca Anderson
  • To know and share information about parliamentary law.
  • To assist members in proper meeting procedure and etiquette.
  • To serve as an advisor and consultant to the President and members on procedural matters.
  • To ensure that parliamentarian procedure is carried on efficiently.

  • Develop and maintain a scrapbook of memorabilia in which to record the chapter's history.
  • Research and prepare items of significance of the chapter's history.
  • Prepare displays of chapter activities and submit stories of former members to the media.
  • Assist the reporter in providing photography for chapter needs.
Jenna Skarphol
Officers at Large
  • Takes place of any absent officer and fills their duties in that position.
  • Assist in maintaining order
  • Serves as committee chair of special projects and chapter priorities
Alison Witzmann
Community Outreach
  • Directs chapter community service & outreach activities
  • Tracks service hours
  • Takes place of any absent officer and fulfills their duties




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