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About FFA
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 Why Should You Join FFA?

Why should I become a member of the Forest Lake FFA Chapter?"

Our FFA chapter offers a dynamic youth program that prepares our members for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

The FFA develops members’ potential and helps them discover their talent through hands-on experience, which gives members the tools to achieve real-world success.  Many former FFA Association members give credit to their success directly to their involvement in the FFA.

Members in our chapter will go on to be premier professionals in many career fields. Our FFA program results in tangible rewards! 

Premier Leadership

Our FFA program prepares our members to be future leaders. Our program strengthens public speaking ability, improves decision-making skills, teachs time management, encourages critial thinking, and promotes respect, responsibilty, and conflict resolution. These soft skills define premier leadership traits that are developed throughout our FFA program. These skills are taught at chapter meetings, camps, conventions, leadership conferences/workshops, officer training, and leadership development events.

Personal Growth

Our FFA program provides our members the opportunity to grow personally through our Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) programs, membership degrees, proficiency awards, agriscience fairs, community service. Minnesota FFA offers our members with scholarship opportunties.

Through our SAE programs, members can start their own business or work for an agricultural company while attending high school. Our members learn budgeting, communication, responsibility, networking, and resource management skills. The experience our members gain gives them an advantate over their non-member peers when they apply for college, jobs, or other opportunities.

Career Success

What are YOU going to do when you finish high school? Our FFA program can help you develop a plan and then help you develop competitive skills to help you get there! 

If you don't have a plan for your future; our FFA program can assist you in find a career path and match your skills and education to get there!

Ready to Get Started?

Click on the FFA Membership Application and see and Advisor.


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